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"There's enough mediocrity already, within the field of SF and outside it. I don't mean to encourage the creation of more. If the delicate novice writers for whom the Kirkus Service shows such consideration are intimidated by the stories in Robert Silverberg's Worlds of Wonder to the point where they give up all attempts at becoming writers, that's just fine. They wouldn't have made the grade anyway. By quitting at the outset, they save themselves and a lot of editors the trouble of having to deal with their pallid, clumsy, unpublishable manuscripts."

Robert Silverberg, Amazing Stories Sept. '88

27.8.10 19:33


Random musing

If black people are people of colour, doesn't that make white a colour, too?
30.8.10 17:23

True Bible code

Bible predicted Star Wars:

Luke 15:20 - And he arose and came to his father.

Damn, were those guys good!

31.8.10 16:24


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