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Pro-Life, raising the bar for stupidity

"I'm with you in a way, but I have my own take on the issue, which I have not heard from anyone else, so please forgive me if you find it disagreeable:

1) Birth control and abortion are a big part of the reason that it is so hard to find babies to adopt. Reproductive freedom isn't just about the right not to have kids; it's also about the right to have kids if and when you want them. Many people are stuck adopting older kids with disabilities just because some people want to have sex without consequences. I don't necessarily believe that abortion is murder, but I do think anyone who doesn't want to start a pregnancy has no business having sex. People who bring up the cases of rape, incest, and when the mother's life is in danger neglect the fact that these only make up 7% of abortions.

2) Birth control and abortion are also the reason many industrialized countries are having so few kids that it is only a matter of time until they get taken over by the people next door. For European countries, "the people next door" (North Africa and the Near and Middle East) are very anti-American, so this should concern us all. A similar problem exists in some liberal states in this country (such as California, which has had a massive influx of "the people next door" in recent years).

3) Birth control has led to sexual promiscuity and thus to an explosion of sexually transmitted diseases and a culture in which casual sex is the norm--and in which one might say sexuality is becoming the new religion.

Therefore both have created more problems (and worse problems) than they have solved."

by galactonerd


Although his screen name will make you assume that he's joking, believe me, he ain't. He really believes the rubbish he wrote. Pro-lifers, building on the time honored pillars of Christianity: Ignorance, Hatred & Racism

27.4.10 14:01



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