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Funny sigline!

There's is something incredibly funny about those Pro-Life types:

I SURVIVED. One-third of my generation has been killed by abortion. ABORTION IS HOMICIDE. You will NOT silence my message. You will NOT mock my God. You will STOP killing my generation.

He only forgot to put Give me an Amen bros! at the end. The boldness of making being born sound akin to surviving the Shoa simply has to make you laugh, if nothing else.

2.2.10 17:49


Random musing

Do Blackberries send blackmail?
11.2.10 18:31

Random musing of the day

Why Wesley Snipes?

Watching "Blade" one must come to the conclusion that is has to be Wesley Slices, or given his preferrence for martial arts Wesley Martials...

15.2.10 18:53

Words of Wisdom

If everyone stuck to the "write what you know" rule, we'd have a whole lot of stories about people writing stories, and not much else.

-enchantedpen on NaNoWriMo.org

19.2.10 15:29


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