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Random Question

I've been asking myself this for quite a while now:

Isn't Cocktail redundant use?

2.7.09 20:10


Random piece of art

Don Maitz, found in the July issue of Science Fiction Age


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
13.7.09 22:41

Hitler's quest for liebensraum

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If only...

Tja, wäre Hitler doch auf der suche nach mehr 'liebensraum' gewesen, wieviel besser hätte dann alles ausgesehen!

Gefunden in Sci-Fi Age vom November 1996.

21.7.09 18:34

Printed books are time wasters?

Mr. Weisberg obviously thinks printed books to be wasting the time of their readers. Can I just state what I think of that with a emoti? 

"The tone of good web writing grows out of email. It’s more direct, personal, colloquial, urgent, witty, efficient. It doesn’t waste your time. It reflects that engagement, responsiveness and haste of web surfers, as opposed to the more general passivity of print readers."

-Jacob Weisberg (former Slate editor) about the difference of web publications to printed books.


23.7.09 15:28

Jane Austen Zombies

Seeing this post regarding Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice & Zombies made me chuckle:

"They should do a movie or mini series about it, after the torture I had to go through having to watch that movie as a child I would just love to see Colin Firth eaten to death by zombies, take that Darcy. I just wanted to watch teenage mutant ninja turtles mum, ninja turtles."*

*Spoiler* No he doesn't get eaten, the book is actually mostly Austen's original text with some added Zombie backdrop and a few not too original changes to the text.

24.7.09 12:26


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