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Made me laugh there...

A selection of quotes I at least thought to be funny (various sources): 

“Nothing like a dream starring Ray Bradbury telling you that librarians are the most powerful people to make you worry.”

“I could honestly insist it was sound writing and good stories without any bad paperback romance smut.”

“I'm a book-slut: give me printed pages, and I'll read them.”

“…this yarn was in skeins that made me look at them and go "I'm unravelling a tribble!"”

and I can't leave without a further 'twilight' reference (or Breaking Dawn in this case, to be more precise):

“And apparently, from what I read in Breaking Dawn, Rosalie and Emmett were having. . .intercourse.
They just didn't say anything. It would be rude to mention such a thing.”

20.1.09 16:06



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